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Below are all the certified trainers that will coach you through all the movements and classes.

Scott Davis


I first tried CrossFit in March of 2013 after hearing about it from a friend. My first class I got completely destroyed and was unable to finish the workout. As a guy who thought he was in good shape, I quickly realized I wasn't in as great of shape as I hoped. My brother and I signed up that first day and fell in love with the sport instantly. In September of 2014 I took the CrossFit Training course and received my L1 certificate to begin coaching. After a year of coaching my brother and I decided to expand our knowledge and took a CrossFit Weightlifting course to better be able to teach the Olympic lifts. Now I'm living out my dream of owning my own box and get to teach this great sport to others.

    Kyle Davis


    I've always grown up playing competitive sports and after finishing up playing junior college basketball in Oregon I came home to Vegas to find myself missing that competitive atmosphere. After some some coaxing, my brother finally talked me into trying CrossFit where I was reintroduced to that same competitive/team atmosphere. Having found what I was missing, I dove right in and approached CrossFit the same way I had any other sport trying to be the best I could. After a year and a half I completed my L1 certification and began coaching. Shortly after I took the weight lifting course to better my oly lifting knowledge. The more I learn the more room I realize I have to grow and am excited to share the knowledge that I have gained in my own box.