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WOD – December 5, 2016

Hey we just want to Thank everyone who made it out to our grand opening yesterday and came to show their support! We had tons of people come through and participate in the festivities which made it a great time! We hope those who did “Annie” with us aren’t too torn up in their abs;) so thank you again for being there to show your support! As for tomorrow, we begin with day 1! So here’s what we have on the menu…

Hang clean

Cleans (135/95)
Ring dips

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WOD – December 2, 2016

Thanks to everybody who made it out to our free classes today! We hope everyone was able to loosen up and get ready for what we have coming tomorrow:)

Back squat 5×5

3 rounds of
7 thrusters
7 pull ups
7 buurpees
25 cal assault bike

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WOD – December 1, 2016

Thanks everyone for coming out today and participating in our free class week! Be sure to stretch a little tonight and get loose for a fun day tomorrow:)
Here’s what we got…

20 minute AMRAP of:
50 double unders 
40 Russian twists
30 mountain climbers
20 squats
10 knee ups

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WOD – November 30, 2016

Another great day crushing wods and getting rugged! Glad to see some new faces and can’t wait to see more! So here’s what we have for tomorrow…

2k row for time
Followed by
Death by deadlift (135/95)

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